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Drug Industry


Chemical Plant, and Gel Products Liquid Detergent Production Plant, Biodiesel Production and Glycerol Purification Plants, Cosmetic Manufacturing Plant, Shampoo - Liquid Soap and Lotion Cream Manufacturing Plant, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Liquid Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility.

Food Industry


Liquid Food Manufacturing Plant, Powder Food Production Facilities, Ketchup and mayonnaise production plant, Concentrated Fruit Juice Production Plant, Coffee Mixing and Filling Facility, Natural Products (Honey) Production Plant, Spice Mixing and Loading.

Building and Construction Industry


Construction Chemical Manufacturing Plant, Ceramic Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant, Marble Adhesive Powder Production Plant, Liquid Manufacturing Plant Construction Chemicals, Construction Chemicals Production Plant Dust.

AR METAL Makina ve Yedek Parça San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Our company is Powder and Granule Mixers, Liquid and Viscous Mixers, Reactors, Universal mixers, Liquid Filling Machines, Ferment and Soap Extruders, Helezon Conveyors, Homogenizer Pumps, Pressured Tanks, Reserve Tanks, Water Treatment Systems Produces Stainless Steel. Details...